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  • Update! I’ve been Creating new Items for my shop, including this BLM sticker design!

    Ah, hello hello! 👋

    Hopefully you’ve been having an enjoyable day and please know I’ve missed writing the past few weeks! So many changes and events have taken place its been hard to keep it all organized. But I finally had some time to sit down with you today, and decided to take that opportunity. 🖤 So, if you are still reading, I appreciate you! I’ve got some new updates regarding Van Life, my website & shop and my artwork!

    NEW wall art in my shop, designed by myself.

    So let’s get started with the exciting stuff first. This new BLM sticker design is so refreshing and loud, and I was able to capture the time-lapse of the design so you could see my work from start to end! I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’ll have these vinyl stickers available in my shop next week, so let me know if you are interested in ordering and I’ll keep you updated! 😊

    A new sticker design, from start to finish!

    The time-lapse is truly mesmerizing to me but am unsure of others view on it. If you’re interested, I have more! I’ve recently added three new wall art pieces in my shop, all digital paintings/illustrations. I enjoy the time-lapse videos and would be happy to share! Oh so onward then, about #vanlife !

    Okay so we did it…

    We really got A VAN!!! We were so discouraged at first, since every dealership or car lot we visited wouldn’t work with us. This was due to having a rebuild title on our current car, and also not bad, but fair credit and not a lot of it.

    Sorry we don’t use credit cards?… oh well. Either way we ended up visiting one last place, around 6 pm, and first off who is even open past 5 for these places?!? We were fairly sure of our chances but come to find out we got the vehicle with NO problems! Just needed someone willing to work with us and Nathan and I were so grateful we found someone!

    Anyways, guess what van we got?!

    A white, custom 2000 Chevy Astro in mint condition. A few minor fixes but we are so happy with the overall purchase. ☺ I’ll be writing a post all about the van with pictures and specs for the vehicle nerds, hah!

    The van is currently getting some repairs done, for free thank goddd, and then I’ll be able to share photos! Something for you to look forward too. 🤩

    Oh and for those interested, Freya, our cat is doing great with collar and vest training! Can’t wait to get her set up in the van. She is going to be a great vanlife cat. And trust me if not, I would absolutely find her a comfortable home. 😌 but I’m hoping she likes it!

    I haven’t had a fair chance to create any new jewelry recently, due to the hustle struggle Nathan and I are in. We are so grateful for van and everything we have but we are in a tight spot, financially wise and I’m sure you all know how impossible it is to be creative and mindful during these stressful times. But with some luck I’ll have new work to share soon!

    Stay safe you beautiful people! Talk soon! 😊

    Hand Carved Jade Necklace

  • Freya’s Training Begins

    Greetings my dears! Nancy here, and I have some fun but realistic ideas to share that Nathan and I are working on this week. We got Freya an adorable purple harness to practice and get comfortable in, nothing special. It’s been a good way to introduce all the new things she will be experiencing once van life begins! Freya was able to visit the park for the first time yesterday, and even though she was a bit shook, she was always interested! Today we tried a park with less activity, and more green space. She even did some walking around and found a tree to investigate today! Proud of my lil’ fur baby. Small steps to van life. Here is how we set her up comfortably in the car, for longer rides.

    Ft. Nathan’s fav hat

    From here, you probably think she’s as cool as a cucumber.. Wrong!

    The Howling from our apartment door(on the third floor), was unlike anything I’d ever heard! So so loud! Poor baby.. I felt bad but she managed just fine once she was in the car. Plus I’m sure she’d tell you, she’s got plenty of treats to make it worth her while.

    Catnip carrot

    While Nathan was driving, Freya would peak up at him often as if trying to understand what he was doing(maybe?). She didn’t seem to mind sitting by the window either but it kept her continously stimulated, which drained so much of her energy. She’s been napping all afternoon! Lazy kitty. Hopefully Monday will show improvement! We are giving her tomorrow off, since it will be raining A L L day.

    Nathan snagged this quick photo of me, sitting with Freya at the park yesterday. She is such a beautiful girl. Maybe a little tired here.

    Many folks have mentioned that living a van life with a cat is near impossible, and if doable at all should be done with a kitten – but I’m sure we will do just fine with her. She’s also just a special kind of girl, you know?

    With all of that being said, there is not much we are focused on apart from getting Freya comfortable outside. We were supposed to have a booth at our local craft fair tomorrow, but with the weather ahead, we decided it was best to stay home. The last time we went in the rain, we barely made profit. So disheartening! We’d rather use our energy when we can truly benefit from it.

    Plus, now there is more time to craft for the following market! That’s two Sundays from now. Until then I’ll be crafting my heart out and doing some work on Fiverr. Until next time!

    Freya’s new carrot toy, harness and scratching/hiding hole all came from Petco!

  • Thinking out Loud

    Hi Loves! Hope you woke up feeling refreshed and light today. So many new things are in motion, it’s hard to keep everyone updated but our time together is about to become even more exciting. Not only will this blog grow as an Art blog, but soon a travel blog as well! My husband, Nathan and I are planning for VAN LIFE! Yes. VAN. LIFE.

    We plan to live full time in a conversion van starting April 2022! This is when our current lease ends, so we are planning for then. The planning has only begun! I’ll be writing about our decisions right from the start – even why we get whichever van we get! We are looking for something used and in good condition with a basic build already done.

    Since we live in Seattle we don’t have the space for making the conversions ourselves, but plan to do some DIY work on the road. We have so much still to research before we even get started!

    There are some complications to consider, such as what to bring for my art supplies, how our cat will do and how to refinance our car so we can sell it! So if you’re interested in how we go from city dwellers to nomads over the next half year stick around!! 😊

    Cheers from Freya. 🌟

  • Time to Get Serious!

    Ahhhh, I am back! And in full force… well trying. I’ve been extremely busy with Fiverr work and have started attending art and craft fairs. I’m so tired, but grateful! Hard work does pay off. Nathan(my husband), and I have been struggling a bit this month but we are working hard to get back on track. Less stress would be cool hah. (: Look out for new work updates and follow my Instagram for the most recent works. Talk soon!

  • Resin work and about that flower drying…

    Hey guys! So just a quick follow-up on my oven flower drying, it did help A LOT. The process does require a bit more attention and to fully dry, it can take up to 2 hours or more of flipping them every 15 minutes or so. I had mine in the oven for about an hour, then let them air dry for 3 days. Seemed to do alright for me! But I’m going to move forward and do another round.

    Anyways, I did use some of these flowers in my work from yesterday. A few necklaces and earrings. I made a quick time lapse to share my process with you!

    This is my first set working with bezels instead of molds. I LOVE how much it enhances the quality.

  • Flower Drying Attempt No. 1

    Hey there loves! Hope everyone is safe and okay in these trying times. COVID-19 has truly effected is all in many different ways, but in some sense, it made is more aware of all the people we share this Earth with. Be kind and understanding when possible. Since we are all stuck at home anyways, here’s some new content! Going to be experimenting with different flower drying techniques, explaining my times, and whether it was successful or not. So, just for fair warning some of these methods won’t be “proper”, I’m just figuring out what works for me personally. Let’s go.

    So, for starters I want to just give you an idea on how I get my materials and flowers… Get ready it’s a wild secret.

    NATURE! Yay! I am always scouting out wildflowers on walks. Even if it doesn’t seem like something I’d use for resin, I’ll at least grab it for the sake of drying techniques. Sometimes I am looking for either a specific color or even a flower, in that case I will go to any local place I can find them. Sometimes, you just can’t get what you want! Drives me mad. But overall I have good luck. Whole foods and Trader Joe’s seem to have gold selections throughout the seasons. Also I’m sure you can order some online.. but for me that takes away from the fun and process.

    So, if you’ve been following me for a bit you might know I just moved to Seattle! Not the best timing considering the world wide pandemic we are dealing with. But, once things are open again, I can’t wait to explore. My husband and I also lucked out on a beautiful apartment for a great price! Well, we had only been in Seattle for two days and I was already working on my process.

    Wildflowers fern and tropical

    Listen, I know that you are probably looking at that picture and rolled your eyes. It was day two!! I didn’t have any parchment paper, and there isn’t an ounce of patience inside me… so I had to use what I had. Tinfoil it was. Parchment paper would have been my first choice here, but the aluminum foil seemed to do okay. I try to cut them into the smallest form, hoping for a quicker bake. The smaller flowers I tend to leave in bunches. I find that I have better luck getting them apart once dried and without crumbling at a touch. Granted, most of this is trial and error, so we will see!

    Time to bake. You want to preheat your oven as low as it can go, 100-150 degrees would be ideal, but I know most ovens won’t go below 150 degrees. The new oven I have only allows me to go down to 170 degrees, so it will have to do! Once preheated, I put the flowers in and set a 5 minute timer. After a couple 5 minute cycles I decided to bump it up to 10 minute cycles. While waiting in between cycles I made sure to leave the oven door slightly cracked to release the moisture. I ended up doing this for about 2 hours.

    This is where my flaws get ahead of me. I decided to take them out, even though they were not completely dry. The smaller flowers were dry, but the others definitely needed more time. Once I took them out I let them cool and placed them on my windowsill, which gets many hours of direct sunlight. I have now waited four days and they seem to be usable! Dry but a little flimsy. I plan on giving them another few days and will review my outcome later on. For my second round I think I will be doing longer periods of time, maybe 15 minutes. Feel free to reach out. Also if you have tips don’t hold out on me! I am always looking for more ideas.

  • Pendent Shapes

    I have not had much practice or experience with making jewelry, but so far I am loving it. On the other hand, I also don’t wear a lot of jewelry. Sometimes it is hard to judge the correct shape or size for a pendent or earrings. When are earrings too big?! I did this resin piece a few weeks back, and finally have decided to list it in my shop. Dried Sweet Annie and baby’s breath, dyed purple. I find this piece intriguing because obviously this design has a strong sense of nature And an organic feel, yet I placed them in a symmetrical way. I tend to enjoy to bend the “rules” and try new things. I’m pleased with the outcome here.

    I am starting to develop techniques and an organized system for my work. Once I am fully comfortable with necklaces and earrings, my plan is to move on to rings! I’m constantly thinking about all the possibilities.

    How do you feel about dyed flowers? To be honest, I am not fond of them but was happy I found a piece to use them in. I’m sure it can look good but it does pull away from am organic look, if that is the main goal. More necklaces soon!

    I’m so ready to be putting out more work for you guys! This move has slowed me down, but definitely worth the updated and new space. I’m hoping all my materials are here by the end of the week. Crossing my fingers! Shipping has been a nightmare due to COVID-19 but we will get there. 🌼🖤🌿

  • Morning Walks & Organization

    Hello! I have gotten through my first night of a new sleep schedule. Nathan, my husband is starting a night job. Since I’ll be working from home, the goal is to have a similar schedule. With that, we ended up sleeping 4pm – 8pm, and now currently waiting for 2pm again!! So exhausted.

    But there have been plenty of things to keep me busy! At 8am we went on a morning walk where I found a few flowers, and also stopped at whole foods to see what plants and flowers I could find. Went home successful. 🌸🌿

    I also received my large desk(94″L) from Amazon, and I am so impressed with the quality! Granted it did take Nathan and I three hours and a few cups of coffee to build it. Either way I’m happy with it, and how my art space is coming together. 👌

    Okay, but can we just take a moment to appreciate all the natural light that poors in??! In love with my new home.🖤🌼

  • Fresh Start, Seattle.

    Hello! I am so excited to be starting this blog, a place where I will be able to share my views and opinions, my process throughout some of my projects, some art talk, personal talk, spiritual talk, and occasionally a tarot reading here and there. If you’ve decided to take the time out of your day to read this, please know I think you’re a cutie, and I appreciate you!

    So, if you’ve been following my Instagram, you’ve probably noticed how I will NOT shut up about my Seattle move! Well, the move is complete and I am beyond happy. This is where I hope my new journey begins. A period in my life where I can do what I love, while making others happy. Things are barely put together, I am now on day three. But, I do want to share this process!! I’ve designated my work space, and am adding to it constantly. Have a sneak peak, and once again, thanks! Stay safe loves. 🖤🌼

    If you haven’t been following my insta or my Etsy, I invite you to check my pages out! My work is dear to me and I love sharing it with the world.

    Insta @nautics_design

    Etsy @

    I look forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas, and introduce myself properly. 🌼

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