Freya's Adventures / Van Life · October 10, 2021

Freya’s Training Begins

Greetings my dears! Nancy here, and I have some fun but realistic ideas to share that Nathan and I are working on this week. We got Freya an adorable purple harness to practice and get comfortable in, nothing special. It’s been a good way to introduce all the new things she will be experiencing once van life begins! Freya was able to visit the park for the first time yesterday, and even though she was a bit shook, she was always interested! Today we tried a park with less activity, and more green space. She even did some walking around and found a tree to investigate today! Proud of my lil’ fur baby. Small steps to van life. Here is how we set her up comfortably in the car, for longer rides.

Ft. Nathan’s fav hat

From here, you probably think she’s as cool as a cucumber.. Wrong!

The Howling from our apartment door(on the third floor), was unlike anything I’d ever heard! So so loud! Poor baby.. I felt bad but she managed just fine once she was in the car. Plus I’m sure she’d tell you, she’s got plenty of treats to make it worth her while.

Catnip carrot

While Nathan was driving, Freya would peak up at him often as if trying to understand what he was doing(maybe?). She didn’t seem to mind sitting by the window either but it kept her continously stimulated, which drained so much of her energy. She’s been napping all afternoon! Lazy kitty. Hopefully Monday will show improvement! We are giving her tomorrow off, since it will be raining A L L day.

Nathan snagged this quick photo of me, sitting with Freya at the park yesterday. She is such a beautiful girl. Maybe a little tired here.

Many folks have mentioned that living a van life with a cat is near impossible, and if doable at all should be done with a kitten – but I’m sure we will do just fine with her. She’s also just a special kind of girl, you know?

With all of that being said, there is not much we are focused on apart from getting Freya comfortable outside. We were supposed to have a booth at our local craft fair tomorrow, but with the weather ahead, we decided it was best to stay home. The last time we went in the rain, we barely made profit. So disheartening! We’d rather use our energy when we can truly benefit from it.

Plus, now there is more time to craft for the following market! That’s two Sundays from now. Until then I’ll be crafting my heart out and doing some work on Fiverr. Until next time!

Freya’s new carrot toy, harness and scratching/hiding hole all came from Petco!

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