Van Life · October 8, 2021

Thinking out Loud

Hi Loves! Hope you woke up feeling refreshed and light today. So many new things are in motion, it’s hard to keep everyone updated but our time together is about to become even more exciting. Not only will this blog grow as an Art blog, but soon a travel blog as well! My husband, Nathan and I are planning for VAN LIFE! Yes. VAN. LIFE.

We plan to live full time in a conversion van starting April 2022! This is when our current lease ends, so we are planning for then. The planning has only begun! I’ll be writing about our decisions right from the start – even why we get whichever van we get! We are looking for something used and in good condition with a basic build already done.

Since we live in Seattle we don’t have the space for making the conversions ourselves, but plan to do some DIY work on the road. We have so much still to research before we even get started!

There are some complications to consider, such as what to bring for my art supplies, how our cat will do and how to refinance our car so we can sell it! So if you’re interested in how we go from city dwellers to nomads over the next half year stick around!! 😊

Cheers from Freya. 🌟

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