Uncategorized · April 5, 2020

Pendent Shapes

I have not had much practice or experience with making jewelry, but so far I am loving it. On the other hand, I also don’t wear a lot of jewelry. Sometimes it is hard to judge the correct shape or size for a pendent or earrings. When are earrings too big?! I did this resin piece a few weeks back, and finally have decided to list it in my shop. Dried Sweet Annie and baby’s breath, dyed purple. I find this piece intriguing because obviously this design has a strong sense of nature And an organic feel, yet I placed them in a symmetrical way. I tend to enjoy to bend the “rules” and try new things. I’m pleased with the outcome here.

I am starting to develop techniques and an organized system for my work. Once I am fully comfortable with necklaces and earrings, my plan is to move on to rings! I’m constantly thinking about all the possibilities.

How do you feel about dyed flowers? To be honest, I am not fond of them but was happy I found a piece to use them in. I’m sure it can look good but it does pull away from am organic look, if that is the main goal. More necklaces soon!

I’m so ready to be putting out more work for you guys! This move has slowed me down, but definitely worth the updated and new space. I’m hoping all my materials are here by the end of the week. Crossing my fingers! Shipping has been a nightmare due to COVID-19 but we will get there. 🌼🖤🌿

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