Uncategorized · April 4, 2020

Morning Walks & Organization

Hello! I have gotten through my first night of a new sleep schedule. Nathan, my husband is starting a night job. Since I’ll be working from home, the goal is to have a similar schedule. With that, we ended up sleeping 4pm – 8pm, and now currently waiting for 2pm again!! So exhausted.

But there have been plenty of things to keep me busy! At 8am we went on a morning walk where I found a few flowers, and also stopped at whole foods to see what plants and flowers I could find. Went home successful. 🌸🌿

I also received my large desk(94″L) from Amazon, and I am so impressed with the quality! Granted it did take Nathan and I three hours and a few cups of coffee to build it. Either way I’m happy with it, and how my art space is coming together. 👌

Okay, but can we just take a moment to appreciate all the natural light that poors in??! In love with my new home.🖤🌼

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