Uncategorized · April 4, 2020

Fresh Start, Seattle.

Hello! I am so excited to be starting this blog, a place where I will be able to share my views and opinions, my process throughout some of my projects, some art talk, personal talk, spiritual talk, and occasionally a tarot reading here and there. If you’ve decided to take the time out of your day to read this, please know I think you’re a cutie, and I appreciate you!

So, if you’ve been following my Instagram, you’ve probably noticed how I will NOT shut up about my Seattle move! Well, the move is complete and I am beyond happy. This is where I hope my new journey begins. A period in my life where I can do what I love, while making others happy. Things are barely put together, I am now on day three. But, I do want to share this process!! I’ve designated my work space, and am adding to it constantly. Have a sneak peak, and once again, thanks! Stay safe loves. 🖤🌼

If you haven’t been following my insta or my Etsy, I invite you to check my pages out! My work is dear to me and I love sharing it with the world.

Insta @nautics_design

Etsy @ etsy.com/shop/nauticsdesign

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas, and introduce myself properly. 🌼

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